What’s A RedRocker?

RedRock Entertainment is a brand new theatre company based in South Devon, bringing the best of the West End to the South West – and providing local amateur performers the oppurtunity to join them in workshops, rehearsals and performances. We are launching in December 2020 with a very special new production of Dick Whittington featuring a cast of 6, which has been written for us by David Phipps-Davis and are giving you the chance to be a part of something very special.

What We Need & What You Get

So we hate this but…. let’s not beat about the bush – we need some pennies in the coffer to get us going. Theatre’s an expensive business and in the difficult few months since the COVID-19 pandemic, the industry has struggled on a level never-seen-before. 

By become a member of our new company, you’ll be helping us to have the very best start at this. 

Why Do We Need Another Theatre Company?

We want to bridge the gap between Professional and Amateur performers, creatives and technicians in the UK. We have extensive experience on both sides of the coin and know full well that, other than the job title and pay, there is often very little in the talent in both groups. 

Other Ways You Can Help

Can’t donate at the moment? Don’t worry – there are plenty of ways you’ll be able to help us get going.

Theatre is about community – WE WILL ALWAYS NEED HELPERS. 

Keep an eye on our Social Media pages for posts regarding this. And, of course, you can help us by buying tickets for our shows and events when we get going!

  • The grand title of being a ‘RedRocker‘ – a supporter of RedRock Entertainment.
  • 2 half-price tickets to every production. – Priority Booking for all productions, workshops and events.
  • You’ll be listed in every show programme and on our company website as a Red Rocker.
  •  Many other offers – specific to each event – for full RedRockers only. 
  • Priority Booking for all future productions, workshops and events.
  • You’ll be listed in every show programme and on our company website as an Assistant RedRocker.
  • You’ll receive priority booking for all future events and shows.
  • You’ll receive a HUGE thank you from all the team at RedRock Entertainment for your contribution to our future!

Choose Your Level of Support